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Bagpipe Tutorial
You have purchased one of the most professional and popular books for learning the bagpipes. It includes many famous and traditional melodies, all the finger techniques and in contrast to other bagpipe books, there are many exercises that you’ll need to learn the bagpipes successfully.

The book is suitable for absolute beginners all the way to advanced pipers, for studying on your own or as a classroom companion book. In 29 easy to understand lessons, you’ll find crystal clear instructions on how to play the bagpipes from scratch.
This book by Andreas Hambsch is also used for training purposes by many professional bands and bagpipe schools. The book’s aim is to give the student the basic information to create a technically and musically solid foundation that will provide expert help and guidance on the route to becoming an accomplished piper.

You’ll also need a practice chanter to train your finger technique and your first songs. What you learned will only be transferred to the big set of bagpipes after a couple of months. The practice chanter will accompany you all through your life with the bagpipes. You learn the fingering of new tunes on the chanter and continuously train and improve your fingering technique with it.

The combi method is all about learning the fingering techniques and doing the exercises with matching melodies. On the CD included in the book you`ll find all tunes recorded in two different speeds.

With this book, Andreas Hambsch has established a milestone that marks the teaching of the Scottish bagpipes with the combi method, helping beginners and advanced players to achieve rapid success. It’s a professional educational tool to help you to learn how to play and understand the bagpipes.
DVD Box "green" and "red"

There are 6 DVDs in two boxes (green and red) and they are an outstanding supplement to this textbook. Each lesson of the book refers to a matching DVD on which you’ll find the lesson’s exercises and/or tunes. These DVDs will help you to understand the exercises, fingering and melodies much more easily. They contain many exercises and all the fingering techniques and grace notes you’ll ever find in bagpipe playing – and the information is in soundtracks and visual displays, with close-ups of all the chanter fingerings at different speeds. The idea behind this is to give you a complete reference work, one that’s ideal for learning at home, parallel to your tutor’s lessons. The spoken language on the DVDs is German, but they are understandable in any country in the world, because the exercises are all shown visually, making it easy to practise them correctly.

There are a total of 6 DVDs in two different boxes.

The “green” box contains          DVDs 1, 2 and 3 (grace notes, doublings, all embellishments)

The “red” DVD box contains     DVDs 4, 5 and 6 (basic and advanced exercises, plus tunes)


The "green" DVD Box - 35 Euro
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The "red" DVD Box - 35 Euro (incl. shipping)
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DVD Box "blue"
Before you buy a bagpipe, I really recommend that you look at the DVDs in the “blue” DVD box. They explain everything about the bagpipes. They show you the dos and don’ts of handling your instrument clearly and understandably. The “Blue” DVD box is only available in German language, but since they are visual aids, they can be understood in any country in the world and of course you can also discuss all the important points with your tutor.
The "blue" DVD Box - 35 Euro (incl. shipping)
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Bagpipe App
Flashcards - 20 Euro (incl. shipping)
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