D U D E L S A C K - S H O P

Meine Lehrmittel wurden von den besten Dudelsackspielern der Welt empfohlen:

Willie McCallum:
“I have known and worked with Andreas for many years as a student, fellow instructor and fellow pipe band member. His teaching, attention to detail and knowledge of the instrument are all evident in his approach to instruction.”

Bruce Hitchings:
“I have known Andy for a long time and remember him when he was a student many years ago. Andy’s dedication to his technique, fantastic musicality and outstanding sound makes him one of the top pipers anywhere. It is the same dedication to detail that makes him an outstanding teacher. I very strongly endorse this book and Andy’s teaching techniques.”

Dixie Ingram:
“I have known and taught alongside Andreas over the past 25 years and firmly believe his teaching technique, ability and performing skills are of the highest, evidence of this can be seen throughout his bagpipe tutorial which I strongly recommend to all scholars.”

Robert Watt:

“Over the years Andy has taken lessons from many of the world’s best pipers. This has not only made him a fine player but has also given him a wealth of experience in different teaching methods and styles. I have no doubt that this book is a great asset to the future of good piping.”

Michael Grey:
“Andy Hambsch is a gifted teacher - and piper. His instructional book reflects perfectly his logical, results-oriented teaching methodology. For anyone looking to get on the right musical track fast, look no further than Andy’s comprehensive and easily followed, Bagpipe Tutorial.”

Rory Grossart:
“I have taught alongside Andy at numerous workshops and schools and have found his methods and personality with the students very impressive. These methods, and indeed the personality in which they are taught, can been seen and felt within his book. I have no hesitation in recommending his tutor book as one of the finest I have seen. I am certain that this will be of great benefit to all scholars of the Great Highland Bagpipe.”

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